Pisa (Italy), October 5-7, 2001


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Instructions for Submission of Complete Papers
Instructions for Oral Presentations

Instructions for Submission of Complete Papers

Please submit your complete paper in PDF format. We recommend that the article will be limited to approximately 30 pages. For the convenience of other participants, please include your personal details and contact information, JEL Classifications and related keywords. Abstracts and full papers will be uploaded to the Conference website when received and made available online. This should permit participants to look beforehand at any of the papers. The complete set of papers will be distributed on CD-ROM. Deadline for submission of full papers: August 30th, 2001 to give us time to have CD ROMs burned before the conference. 

Instructions for Oral Presentations

Each session lasts 2 hours. Oral presentations will be of 20 minutes duration followed by 10 minutes for discussion. 
An overhead transparency projector and a beamer will be available.